Life list

I think goals are really important to have some direction and purpose in life. However I can find them so overwhelming as I don’t know how to accomplish them all. This then leads to analysis paralysis and I end up doing nothing. While researching for my Warren Buffett wealth profile, I came across his 25 goals philosophy. The aim is to write down at least 25 goals then narrow it down to the 5 you want to accomplish in the next 4-5 years. You then only focus on these goals and forget about the rest of the list. It allows you to actually accomplish them by getting rid of the overwhelm!

I did the exercise and it made me so excited. I really felt that I could reach my goals now, and once one has been ticked off, I can replace it with another from the list below! So with no further ado, here are my current 5 goals for the next 5 years:

  1. Run a half marathon (COMPLETE! 08/10/2017)
  2. Travel to Brazil (happening in Feb 2018)
  3. Earn £1000 per month in passive income
  4. Be in a management position at work
  5. Go up in a hot air balloon (will be asking as a birthday present)

The rest of my goals are as follows…

  1. Be financially free
  2. Earn £1000 per month in passive income
  3. See the cherry trees in Japan and eat sushi
  4. Lie in a field of tulips in The Netherlands
  5. Go skiing and sit in a hot tub with a hot chocolate in the snow in Switzerland
  6. Motorbike around North America
  7. See a Ted Talk live
  8. Give a Ted Talk
  9. Visit the Taj Mahal
  10. Own my own house
  11. Live in Paris
  12. Visit the Amalfi Coast, Italy
  13. Be an extra in a film
  14. Take my family on holiday (to the Caribbean?)
  15. Be fluent in another language
  16. Go up in a hot air balloon
  17. Run a half marathon COMPLETE! 08/10/2017
  18. Travel to Canada and the USA
  19. Travel to Brazil
  20. Have £20k in savings
  21. Have at least 6 pairs of really good quality shoes (my current shoes are awful!)
  22. Go to a black tie ball
  23. Own property as an asset, preferably a car park!
  24. Travel to Andorra
  25. Write a book
  26. Go to the Amazon rainforest
  27. Have my own business
  28. Travel to the Grand Canyon
  29. Drive a superfast car around a race track
  30. See a real ice hockey game in Canada
  31. Have a really solid blog with at least 1000 views per month
  32. Be in a management position at work
  33. Bike around a country  in Europe
  34. Do yoga on the beach in a tropical country
  35. Be surrounded by fields of heather
  36. Sleep under the stars 
  37. See the Northern Lights
  38. Own a ski chalet
  39. Do the Rejection Challenge
  40. Travel to every continent in the world
    1. Completed so far: Africa, Europe, Americas
  41. Horse ride regularly
  42. Be coached in gymnastics and trampolining
  43. Go to one of the world’s best spas
  44. Own a dog
  45. Learn complete forgiveness while not compromising myself
  46. Explore the Forbidden City in China
  47. Go to a Full Moon Party in Thailand